Today in LA/SS class, students were made aware of and discussed in detail tomorrow's Global Climate Strike which includes student walkouts. For more info see:

According to Matt Livingston who's in charge of secondary education for the LWSD, the district isn't allowing blanket excused absences, it does support student free speech in these ways:

1) LWSD allows parents to sign children out as excused absences to attend rallies or political events, "just like being signed out for a dentist's appointment".

2) LWSD allows children to walk out of class to congregate on school grounds for a short period of time.

Mr. Livingston reported that EHS (and possibly RSAR) students often choose to meet by the flag pole or congregate in the parking lot. Those who do this are not market absent as long a they arrive for their next class on time.

This strike occurs at the end of the school day which may complicate the stated policy since students could just leave for the day without the school being fully aware...

Parents may want to discuss this event with their students tonight. If you'd like more info on where or how others are participating in this event please see the link above, search Facebook for Kirkland Climate Strike or WA Youth Climate Strike or visit

Some districts will excuse all absences. For more information see:

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