Jun 17
12:30p Laptop Roll In
Laptop Roll In

Monday, June 18
12:30p - 1:30p

Monday June 18th 12:30-1:30. Please be sure that your student brings their school issued laptop and charger to school
on Monday. All laptops and chargers must be turned in prior to the end of the school year. If you have questions please
contact Sarah Simmons. The most important thing for parents to know is, if you plan on leaving town before the
school year ends tell your student to turn their laptop in to Ms. Simmons directly.
2:00p Poker Club
Poker Club

Tuesday, June 19
2:00p - 3:00p
Mrs. Bawa's Room

7:00p 8th Grade Promotion Night
8th Grade Promotion Night

Tuesday, June 19
7:00p - 8:30p
EHS Theater

All parents and current students are welcome to attend the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.
Come and celebrate your students' years at RSAR with the staff, teachers and students as they have their last event on stage!
Reception following ceremony at Renaissance.
All Student BBQ
All Student BBQ

Wednesday, June 20

There will be an all student BBQ on June 20th provided during lunch time sponsored by PTSA. This BBQ is only for
students. There will be a selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers available, along with a wide variety of
side dishes. If your student does not want to partake in the BBQ please have them bring their own lunch as the EHS
cafeteria will not be open for RSAR students that day.
7:30a Full Day of School - Wednesday
Full Day of School - Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20
7:30a - 2:30p

Lake Washington School District will make up one snow day by extending the school year by one day. The last day of school, a half day, will move from Wednesday, June 20, to Thursday, June 21.
The LWSD calendar has been updated as follows: • Wednesday June 20 will be a full school day for students • Thursday, June 21 will be the last day of school. It will be a half (1/2) day for students and a full day for staff. See the list of half-day dismissal times.
1/2 Day - Last Day of School - 10:30 am Release
1/2 Day - Last Day of School - 10:30 am Release

Thursday, June 21
State Testing Results
State Testing Results

Friday, June 22

Results from Smarter Balanced Assessments available online June 22nd
Directions to access the reports:
1. To access Lake Washington School District’s Skyward portal, click on the Family Access link on the district
2. Log in to Skyward Family Access with your username and password.
3. Click on the Reports Cards- Portfolio tab.
View in Outlook or Google Calendar      See full calendar
8th Grade Parents: Download your students photos from Smugmug
Photos are up for the Renaissance Showcase, the musical Performance, school dances, Thrill the World and Outdoor Ed.
We had an amazing team of parents this year taking many photos at all of the events.   Peter Pan will not be in the yearbook, so download them yourself from our SmugMug site.  
Please take a look, share with your children and feel free to download and print for your own collections!

RSAR School Hours for 2018-19

School hours for next year were released on March 9, 2018 in an email to most middle schools.  You can read the latest and updated information from Lake Washington School District at 2018-19 School hours for Renaissance listed by LWSD

2018-19 Middle School Schedules


Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday & Friday



                                                  School Start Time

School End Time


School Start Time

School End Time







Confirmed by Mrs. Daman, Renaissance school times will remain the same as this year.  Eastlake High School will be getting out 20 minutes later, at 2:20pm MTThF and 12:50pm on Wednesdays.  This might alleviate some parking lot congestion when picking up RSAR students.  Eastlake start time will remain the same and will begin classes at 7:30am.

PTSA Membership Meeting Welcomes New Board of Directors!

During the Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 24th, PTSA membership voted on the following nominations for the 2018-19 RSAR PTSA's Board of Directors.  They are as follows:

For office of co-President: Michele Johansen
For office of co-President: Cara Lee 

For office of co-Vice President: Lauri Martin*
For office of co-Vice President: Laura Wood

For office of co-Treasurer:  Julie Turner
For office of co-Treasurer:  Prarthana Kamath

For office of co-Secretary: Elaine Cox
For office of co-Secretary: OPEN

*To be eligible for election to any of the positions, candidates must be a member of the PTA/PTSA at least 15 days prior to the election in April 2018.  Not a current PTA/PTSA member? Please contact Terre Barga at to enroll.   **We are looking for incoming 6th grade parents**   

Lauri Martin, incoming 6th grade parent, will be appointed in the fall and voted in at the next membership meeting.

Volunteering at Renaissance - Step 1

Complete your Lake Washington School District (LWSD) volunteer application. All LWSD volunteers must go through a screening process, for the safety of students and volunteers alike. Adult family members fill out their volunteer application at the school or through the secure Parent Access site.   Complete information about the process and directions are available at

This application requires renewing every two years. 

Volunteering at Renaissance - Step 2

After you are approved through the District to volunteer (see Volunteering at Renaissance - Step 1) you're next steps to volunteer are the following:

1. Select "Programs" tab on the left side of this website.

2. Read the descriptions of all of the PTSA Programs and most volunteer opportunities by hovering over any committee name for a detailed description. 

*Please note: many of these committees already have chairpersons for this school year; however, until our current year's membership list is loaded into the PTSA database, the chairperson's names will not be displayed.

3. Select the "Volunteer" tab and choose opportunities available or contact anyone on the PTSA Board of Directors.

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Does RSAR PTSA do Corporate Matching? YES!

Your donations to RSAR PTSA can be doubled by participating in your Company’s Corporate Matching Program. Many companies, including Boeing and Microsoft, provide a matching program. RSAR PTSA is unable to sign up on your behalf.  The following are steps on how to sign up:

  1. Visit your Company’s Employee website for information and procedures.
    *Microsoft matches both money and volunteer hours!*  This provides huge benefits to our students and school!
  2. As an employee, you must complete all of the appropriate forms, which will include the name of the charity of your choice.  Most important to select Renaissance PTSA or RSAR PTSA.

Your PTSA Membership and Parent Contribution are two donations you can use for Corporate Matching!

  • Depending on your company, you may need to complete forms online or drop off the completed paper form in the RSAR PTSA mailbox, located in the office. 
  • Most companies send the matching dollars on a quarterly basis. Please check back with your Company’s Employee website to make sure that the matching amount has been processed.

If you have questions regarding these Programs, please contact our PTSA co-Treasurer or co-Presidents.

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