Apr 15
10:10a 8th Grade Promotion Committee Monday Meetings
8th Grade Promotion Committee Monday Meetings

Monday, April 16
10:10a - 10:40a
Mrs. Amaya's room
12:40p FRENCH Wednesdays 12:40-1:40pm
FRENCH Wednesdays 12:40-1:40pm

Wednesday, April 18
12:40p - 1:40p

Class runs from October 4, 2017 to May 9, 2018
Print and fill out form and return to the office
10:10a 8th Gr. Party Committee
8th Gr. Party Committee

Monday, April 23
10:10a - 10:40a
Mrs. Amaya's room

This is the committee that will discuss 8th grade party.
6:30p RSAR PTSA 3rd Membership Meeting
RSAR PTSA 3rd Membership Meeting

Tuesday, April 24
6:30p - 8:00p

Tentative Agenda:
Approval for proposed budget for 2018-19
Student presentations

6:30p Tentative: Student Self Defense Class
Tentative: Student Self Defense Class

Tuesday, April 24
6:30p - 8:30p
Mrs. Daman's Room

We are working on a class for students to attend, while parents attend the PTSA Meeting.
Details to follow.
12:40p FRENCH Wednesdays 12:40-1:40pm
FRENCH Wednesdays 12:40-1:40pm

Wednesday, April 25
12:40p - 1:40p

Class runs from October 4, 2017 to May 9, 2018
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Important! Slate for 2018-19 PTSA BOD Now Posted!

Your RSAR PTSA nominating committee has completed their commitment and has a new slate for the PTSA Board of Directors for the 2018-19 school year.  The official report can be found here.  We thank the committee for their service and will see all of the PTSA Members at the Membership meeting on April 25th @6:30pm in Mrs. Bawa's Room to vote on the following nominations:

The 2018 RSAR PTSA nominating committee places the following names in nomination:

For office of co-President: Michele Johansen
For office of co-President: Cara Lee 

For office of co-Vice President: Lauri Martin
For office of co-Vice President: Laura Wood

For office of co-Treasurer:  Julie Turner
For office of co-Treasurer:  Prarthana Kamath

For office of co-Secretary: Elaine Cox
For office of co-Secretary: OPEN

Submitted by:

Tricia Hoffman, Prarthana Kamath and Martha Daman
2018 RSAR PTSA Nominating Committee

To be eligible for election to any of the positions, candidates must be a member of the PTA/PTSA at least 15 days prior to the election in April 2018.  Not a current PTA/PTSA member? Please contact Terre Barga at to enroll.   **We are looking for incoming 6th grade parents**   

Still not sure? Consider this:

  • Volunteering allows you to see your student in action at school with other students
  • Get to know your student's classmates 
  • Volunteering allows you to work with other parents, who keep you connected with the school information; sometimes help with issues or questions you might have
  • Discover new friendships, people that you have things in common with; figure out carpools and similar activities 

LAST DAY of School: Day Added

Because of the snow day, the LWSD calendar has been updated as follows:

• Wednesday June 20 will be a full school day for students, 12:30 pm dismissal.

• Thursday, June 21 will be the last day of school. It will be a half (1/2) day for students and a full day for staff.  10:30am dismissal for students. 

RSAR School Hours for 2018-19

School hours for next year were released on March 9, 2018 in an email to most middle schools.  You can read the latest and updated information from Lake Washington School District at 2018-19 School hours for Renaissance listed by LWSD

2018-19 Middle School Schedules


Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday & Friday



                                                  School Start Time

School End Time


School Start Time

School End Time







Confirmed by Mrs. Daman, Renaissance school times will remain the same as this year.  Eastlake High School will be getting out 20 minutes later, at 2:20pm MTThF and 12:50pm on Wednesdays.  This might alleviate some parking lot congestion when picking up RSAR students.  Eastlake start time will remain the same and will begin classes at 7:30am.

Needed: Webmaster & Web Content Manager

Our PTSA Website is only 2 years old!  It is in need of a new Webmaster AND Content Manager for the 2018-19 school year (and beyond!)  If you are familiar with the backend of a website, maintenance of personnel documents, security, maintaining the subscription with OurSchoolPages: Webmaster is for you!

Our current Communication Chair runs both the RSAR Families facebook page and is the Content Manager for the PTSA Website.  These jobs can be held by two different volunteers, if necessary.

If you want to have access to all of the upcoming school and PTSA information and share it to everyone: running and managing the RSAR Families facebook page is great for someone who is constantly hooked into Facebook.  You will be the Admin and grant access only to current RSAR families, alumni and teachers.  Answering questions or finding answers - a must!

Content Manager of the PTSA Website requires bit more work, but having a website design background, makes this volunteer opportunity fun!  Share content in a timely manner, maintain calendar, events, notices in conjunction with the school's Raven Reviews.  

We would like to 'train' anyone who is interested in these positions this spring.  Please contact Judith Keyser or Nikki Rehman for more information. 


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RSAR PTSA Membership Meeting - Tuesday, April 24

Image result for ptsa images what your ptsa does

Tuesday, April 24:

@6:30pm: Free Self-defense class for students in Mrs. Daman’s room
@6:30pm: Poetry/short story reading by students in Mrs. Bawa’s room

@7:00pm: RSAR PTSA Membership Meeting in Mrs. Bawa’s room

PLEASE plan on attending this very, brief but important meeting!

Carpool sign-ups for next year will be available for all current 6th and 7th grades.

All RSAR parents attending this meeting will receive one hour volunteer credit. 


Agenda Items:

  • Election of 2018-2019 Officers
  • Approval of 2018-2019 Budget
  • Approval of RPTSA Standing Rules revision

PTSA members must be present at this meeting to vote on these agenda items, which are critical for all PTSA funding of programs for next year!

Below is just a short list of programs supported by your PTSA:

  • Back-to-Business Days
    • Student Directory
    • PTSA Website and Facebook Page
    • After-School Activities
    • Field Trips
    • Guest Instructors (such as Writers in Residence)
    • Dance Performance, Spring Play and Talent Show
    • 8th Grade Legacy Project, Promotion and Class Celebration


Image result for ptsa images what your ptsa does

Two Important and Mandatory Meetings to Attend

Mark your calendars:

April 24th: PTSA's 3rd and final Membership Meeting will be held at Renaissance.  Carpooling sign-ups for next year will be available for all current 6th and 7th grades and we have a fun line-up in the works for parents and students, you won't want to miss! Stayed tuned for details! The nomination committee will submit the new Board of Directors for 2018-19 for membership to vote and approve.  Plus, next year's proposed budget also needs to be voted on.  We must have a quorum to vote; please make every effort to attend.   

6:30pm - Student/Parent Activity

7:00pm - Membership Meeting

For Membership Review:

RSAR PTSA's draft of the Standing Rules - April 2018

RSAR PTSA's Membership Meeting Minutes - January 2018

May 22nd: Camp / Outdoor Ed meeting will take place.  All incoming 6th graders, and current 6th and 7th grades must attend this meeting for information about Camp.  Presentation and Q&A.  

Time and location: TBD

In need of volunteers


In search of a volunteer to coordinate the teacher and staff appreciation week.  Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week in May at all schools in the district. Let's thank our teachers and staff at Renaissance properly!

Staff Appreciation Coordinator Needed

Click the Volunteer Tab or here to sign up!

8th Grade Promotion Committee & 8th Grade Party Committee Meetings

The 8th grade promotion committee will meet every Monday in Mrs. Amaya's room during lunch.

This is for students who have signed up and have attended previous meetings.

We will be meeting: Mondays, April 9th, 16th and 30th.  Please be as prompt as possible.  

What will we do?

* Make decisions on 8th grade promotion theme: ceremony, program, artwork

* Make decisions regarding the 8th grade Legacy Gift

* Give input on 8th grade party 

* Help with the Teachers' end of the year gift

The 8th Grade Party Committee will meet on Monday, April 23rd to discuss everything with the class party in Mrs. Amaya's room during lunch.

Does RSAR PTSA do Corporate Matching? YES!

Your donations to RSAR PTSA can be doubled by participating in your Company’s Corporate Matching Program. Many companies, including Boeing and Microsoft, provide a matching program. RSAR PTSA is unable to sign up on your behalf.  The following are steps on how to sign up:

  1. Visit your Company’s Employee website for information and procedures.
    *Microsoft matches both money and volunteer hours!*  This provides huge benefits to our students and school!
  2. As an employee, you must complete all of the appropriate forms, which will include the name of the charity of your choice.  Most important to select Renaissance PTSA or RSAR PTSA.

Your PTSA Membership and Parent Contribution are two donations you can use for Corporate Matching!

  • Depending on your company, you may need to complete forms online or drop off the completed paper form in the RSAR PTSA mailbox, located in the office. 
  • Most companies send the matching dollars on a quarterly basis. Please check back with your Company’s Employee website to make sure that the matching amount has been processed.

If you have questions regarding these Programs, please contact our PTSA co-Treasurer or co-Presidents.

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