Calling all Volunteers for the 2022-2023 school year

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NatureBridge chaperones needed:


Become a member of the RSAR PTSA

As you know we are a Choice school, and family participation in our school community is an essential part of its success. To ensure that success, Renaissance asks each family to join the PTSA to help facilitate this. Click the following to

 JOIN our PTSA and make Family Contribution! 

Why join the PTSA?

We help fund and participate in many school activities including guest lectures, school performances, storage for props, school trips, etc. 

LWSD Volunteer Guidelines:

All volunteers will need to be an approved LWSD volunteer, be fully vaccinated (verification by district), follow the current masking and physical distancing requirements, and sign-in at the school office. To make sure you are ready to volunteer when allowed, please make sure your approval status is current. Click the following to check or signup for volunteering in the LWSD: Volunteer