2017-18 Renaissance PTSA Board Standards of Conduct

Adopted September 2017

The board has established the following as the standards of conduct that board members expect from each other.

Loyalty - we hold our association, our board and our members in high esteem and will help and defend them whenever needed.

Positive attitude - we believe the benefits of PTA lead to success for all.

Professionalism - we will do our best to be prepared, honest, ethical, and responsive in a timely fashion.

Communications - we understand the importance of and need for both transparency and confidentiality and adjust our messages accordingly.  Gossip has no place in our work.

Separate roles for staff and board - we will work out the best ways for staff and board members to deliver necessary services to members and we will accept and honor the unique roles of each.

Adaptability - we must change when necessary to adapt to circumstances and needs.

Balance and perspective - we aim for balance among work, life and PTA, but we also know we can ask for help from fellow board members if we feel we have taken on too much.

Respect - we strive to earn both respect from and give it to: one another, the staff, our members, and other institutions or agencies working on behalf of children and youth.  

These standars will be reviewed annually, and board members will be asked to sign a written agreement to adhere to these standards as follows:

By signing this document, I commit to adhering to the standards of conduct established for all members of the Renaissance School PTSA board of directors.

Board Member's Signatures as of 9/11/2017:

Michele Johansen
Cara Lee
Andy Rees
Jenny Kolln
Allyson Wen
Susana Valencia
Nikki Rehman
Tracy Austin
Adrienne Czechowski
Judith Keyser